New Year, New Blog!

We're only 6 days into 2021 and already it's trying to give 2020 a run for it's money. We've had France close the tunnel, fanatics storming the Capitol in America at the instruction of an ego-maniac, nobody can go anywhere for the third time in 9 months and as a friend pointed out, Netflix have put their prices up!! When will the madness end!?

Fortunately one of the few things you can still do is move house and lets face it, by the time we come to the end of lockdown version 3.0 you'll probably be ready for a change of scenery. That's where we come in, masked up like some sort of low-rent superhero who swapped his cape for a bottle of hand-sanitiser and a pair of disposable gloves.

People have understandably had reservations about selling in the middle of a pandemic, yet the property market has defied all expectations, seeing some of the strongest price growth for years. As everyone starts to re-think what they want from a home, this growth could well continue throughout 2021 and especially once things return to a bit of normality.

Putting a property onto the market at the moment, or indeed finding your next home, doesn't have to be a risk when the correct measures have been put in place. We've worked hard here at The Agent to make sure clients can still sell their homes effectively by investing in the best equipment on the market to deliver interactive virtual viewings.

These are not just somebody walking around with a camera, or some of the low-budget "tours" you may have seen that frankly make you feel a bit nauseous. With ours you can measure up and probably get a better feel for the layout of the property than you would if you viewed it in person!! So much so, we've had people put in full asking-price offers based purely on the interactive viewing!

If you want a bit of a chat about your options for selling, get in touch via our website.

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