Property searches spike in January

With January well underway, we've always found a renewed interest from homeowners, with enquiries and property searches reaching an all-time high this year. We've all spent more time than ever at home in 2021, so you might find yourself planning what your 2022 Christmas could look like and whether you'd like to spend it living elsewhere.

Whilst it's commonly believed that Spring and Summer see the strongest market activity, year-after-year January has stood out as a time when online searches peak and more people are ready to make and accept offers in a fast timeframe.

Who chooses to move at this time of the year?

The new year property market usually consists of two types of people:  first-time buyers and those re-entering the market after trying in the previous year.

In the spring and summer, the market typically becomes much more competitive, with higher supply levels.

If you want a fresh start in 2022, start the process now by instructing your agent, planning your property marketing strategy and taking advantage of the surge in buyer interest.

To market your home to thousands of people every day and stand the best chance of achieving a sale this year, contact us today.