Selling Your Property During Christmas

Ding dong!!! No, that's not the sound of us greeting a particularly attractive Santa, but rather the sound of buyers still trying to get in the door to view properties, despite the inconvenience of Christmas.

For many people trying to sell or buy a property, Christmas means one of two things. Many sellers (and estate agents!!) decide to write the entire month off, whilst buyers think that with reduced market activity it could be time to put in a cheeky offer and hope that somebody has had enough mulled cider to accept it.

Neither approach is quite right in the current housing market. At present, as anyone interested in property at the moment will know, there isn't a great deal of choice. This continues to send prices higher and interest in homes for sale has so far remained strong into this second week of December.

Time To Update Your Photos

As Winter really starts to take hold, it is worth casting a critical eye over your marketing photos. You want to be ready to catch the eye of would-be buyers when activity on the property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla see's a surge in activity from Boxing Day onwards.

If your property went on the market while all the trees still had leaves on and it looks like summer in your photographs, it says two things immediately. 1) You've been trying to sell for ages. 2) You're probably open to silly offers. At the very least get your external photographs updated so they match the current season.

Festive Viewings

As mentioned earlier in the article, there is still demand from buyers wanting to view properties over the Christmas period. If you are usually the type of person who likes to turn your home into Lapland for December, it could be better to give it a miss this year. People have a bit of time off from work and like to use their holiday to do some house hunting.

By over decorating your home whilst trying to sell, you could end up missing out on a buyer simply because they can't get a real feel for the property. A subtle, classy approach to decorating your home for Christmas could even improve the price you manage to sell for.

If you are still at the early stages of planning a move in 2022, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Chatting things through with a professional at the outset can really help improve the chances of selling at the best price possible, in a suitable timescale. We work one-to-one with our clients which has number of benefits that you can read about here

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