Selling Should Always Come Before Buying

House hunting takes time and effort, so when you've finally found a property you want, it can be crushing to lose out in favour of another buyer.

In a competitive market such as the one we've experienced so far in 2021, homeowners have their pick of offers and buyers, but there are a number of factors that you could consider in order to stand a better chance of being chosen.

First and foremost, whilst it's a negotiation, you want to be careful not to lowball them and risk offending the seller, especially where the house is fairly and accurately priced.

It also helps to have already sold your property or purchase without a chain holding you back. By being in this position, you will benefit from the following:

Sellers will take you more seriously

Having your current property listed on the market or Sold Subject to Contract (SSTC) will demonstrate your motivation to progress quickly with the sale.

You'll be able to avoid making any hasty decisions

If you secure your new purchase before finding a buyer yourself, you might find that you're willing to accept offers far below your expectations.

You have a better insight into your budget

If you anticipate selling at £250,000 but your agent helps you sell above asking price, you have additional funds to put straight into your next purchase, meaning you may be able to afford the home you want rather than settling. We pride ourselves on valuing accurately and offering a genuine one-to-one estate agency service. Learn more about why this is the better way to sell your property

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