"We're waiting to find a property we like"

It's a phrase estate agents are hearing a lot at the moment..."we'll put our property on the market when we see somewhere we like"....or....."there's just nothing out there at the moment".

The UK property market finds itself in a catch 22 situation. People are struggling to find the home they want because a lot of people are saying the same thing.

We thought it'd be useful to outline why this way of approaching the property market is unrealistic and will end up wasting time.

Reason 1: No estate agent worth their salt is ever going to advise their client to take their property off the market or mark it as "Sold!" because an offer has come in from somebody who doesn't even have their property up for sale.

Reason 2: Properties are selling quickly. If an offer comes in from somebody who is on the market, there is a good chance their property will also sell soon and their offer will be considered far more favourably than your offer, even if yours is a bit higher.

Reason 3: If you see a property you like, the chances are it will have sold to somebody already on the market by the time you have instructed your agent, had the listing created and started marketing. Our favourite analogy for this is that it's like waiting for the starting pistol to go before deciding to put your shoes on and warm up! You are never going to win the race to secure the property you want.

Reason 4: Estate agents actually talk to one another. If you are not on the market but keep going round doing viewings and taking up valuable time, you'll become known as a bit of a tyre-kicker and eventually it'll just not be worth trying to accommodate your viewing requests. In fact, unless you are on the market, some estate agencies will not even book you in for a viewing because it risks the irritation of their vendor.

If you are wanting to move home, the number 1 priority is to get your property on the market. Everyone is well aware that there is not a lot of choice at present, but by and large people understand that it can take a while to find a property you like.

If you feel a chat through your options could be worthwhile just get in touch. There's no obligation and we'll always give you our honest opinion, even if that's to stay put and not move at all!